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Saving The Street Kids

Founded in 2007, Bali Street Kids or Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak (YKPA) is a non-profit organisation which aims to give loving support, education, care and skills to disadvantaged children.

Beyond the palm trees, beaches and glittering seas is a darker truth to this ‘paradise island’. Poverty is a huge issue and it’s not something that is hidden away. If you go to areas such as Kuta and Legian you will see many children, some really young, walking the streets selling knick knacks like bracelets and keyrings.

Putu and Michael, founders of YKPA, stepped in to make a difference in these children’s lives. The orphanage which began in 2009, started after some children asked Putu if they could take shelter in her home.

Some of the smiling faces at YKPA

YKPA has been improving the lives of children begging on the streets of Bali by providing ‘in-the-street’ learning and formal schooling opportunities for these children.

The children are involved in craft projects such as making dolls and gift cards which are then sold in selected shops in Bali. This initiative provides an extra income with the profits going to the children’s families. As parents are educated on the different ways to make income for their families, the mindset is shifting as they realize their children deserve a life free from begging on the streets.

YKPA also focus on HIV and abuse prevention, preventing young girls from becoming prostitutes and improving the economic status of older teens who ‘boss’ younger children to beg. The goal is that every street kid can learn to read, write and do maths as well as learn a skill. YKPA is also caring for deaf, blind and other children with serious medical problems.

Craft projects at the orphanage

YKPA needs help to continue and grow.  Funds for these children’s basic needs are uncertain, and there are still many children who need help. The total cost of supporting one child with living, recreation and school expenses is $100 USD/month. You can see which businesses are directly supporting the Bali Street Kids Project Orphanage by selecting Bali Street Kids under business listings or following this link.


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