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Visit to Bali Children's Foundation

On 26 December 2017, our intern Leyla Rose visited the Bali Children’s Foundation (BCF) in North Bali. Bali Children’s Foundation is a non-profit organisation that provides an educational pathway for disadvantaged Balinese children.


BCF provides primary, secondary and tertiary scholarships to children in 49 communities. These scholarships contribute toward school fees, uniforms, shoes, books, a bag, stationery and hygiene kits.


On the open day, Leyla visited one of the sponsored children at her family home with the BCF team before heading to the school. BCF uses the local school in that village for extra curricular activities. That day, they had art and English classes going on. The theme of that month was the legend of Ramayana, and some of the children were painting characters from the story using oil paints and glitter. In the other room, junior high school students were doing some comprehension questions and role playing in English.


BCF runs programmes which prepare and provide junior and senior high school students with skills for working. These include the English in the Village (EITV) and Computers in the Village (CITV). EITV currently runs 570 classes per month and CITV runs 268 classes per month.


In 2017, Bali Children Foundation was a part of MyRedEnvelope’s trial phase. Lacalaca Mexican Cantina raised a whopping Rp 15,000,000 via the campaign they ran in support of BCF as they believe that giving a child a good education can make all the difference to children living in impoverished areas in Bali.


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