Jan 29
Bali for Bushfires

Bali for Bushfires is a simple way to help Australia while giving you an incredible…

Nov 20
A Day at KIM Women’s Centre

“You have no control over what happens around you, but you can control how you…

Apr 14
Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Businesses that have given to charity are eligible for MyRedEnvelope Accreditation.

Mar 28
Umbrellas for SHELTER

Umbrellas for sale in support of emergency or crisis situations in Indonesia.

Mar 16
Celebrating Komang Sutiari

Celebrating Komang Sutiari who runs her own jewellery and design business in Ubud.

Mar 12
Celebrating Vivian Hasna Afifa

Celebrating Vivian Hasna Afifa. Sadly Vivian is no longer with us but she continues to…