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Win Using MyRedEnvelope!

Why does MyRedEnvelope work?

MyRedEnvelope works because everybody wins. We have created a framework in which we have a win-win-win-win situation. See how it works here! Win for our Members Our members now have a safe, transparent and honest system to activate donations to a charity, while having fun in Bali and without paying anything more than they normally would. They are helping the community while enjoying their holiday in Bali. Win for Businesses Our businesses will attract new customers via MyRedEnvelope. More customers mean more revenue and more income which is a win for the business. Then instead of paying MyRedEnvelope a commission, the business will donate 10% of our members’ bill to a charity. MyRedEnvelope businesses are thrilled to be able to actively support their local community. Win for Charities Our charities win because they receive donations directly from the businesses. The charities can then focus on helping improve the health, education and living conditions of those in need. Our charities are also able to let people know about their work via their free listing and news reports we publish from time to time. Win for Bali
Think win-win, think MyRedEnvelope
Together we are supporting Bali on many different levels: visitors to Bali choose businesses that are being socially responsible. The money our members spend will go straight to those in need and ultimately, breaking the cycle of poverty. Most importantly everyone on the island will benefit and leave Bali knowing that you really have helped to make a difference. No matter if you live in Bali, are visiting Bali, do business in Bali, or you are a charity in Bali, you all benefit. Everybody wins: ‘We Do Good’.


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