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Frequently Asked Questions

MyRedEnvelope promotes socially responsible tourism and businesses to members, promotes businesses that donate to charity and promotes charities that do good. This way, by working together we can all do good by supporting businesses which are practicing social responsibility.

Members use our search functions to find businesses who are part of our MyRedEnvelope Listings or Campaigns. Book directly with the business and you will also be supporting a charity.

Businesses commit to donating a portion of MyRedEnvelope Member’s bill to charity. The portion is typically 10%.

The money is donated directly into the charity’s bank account by the business.

MyRedEnvelope Campaigns are created when three or more businesses support one charity, typically for one year. The business will actively promote the Campaign as a part of its’ Marketing Strategy which may include special offers which can also be promoted on our website and activities which can be listed on our What’s On calendar of charity events. The charity also actively promotes the campaign to its’ own members and supporters.

These funds are paid directly into the charity’s bank account by the business as a donation. MyRedEnvelope does not touch any of the funds.

MyRedEnvelope is becoming an effective marketing tool with some important points of difference to other online marketing. Via MyRedEnvelope businesses can attract new customers that value social responsibility.

A business can self-nominate for MyRedEnvelope Accreditation, or a charity can nominate a business. The business must have donated a minimum of five million rupiah to a registered charity within the past 12 months. We confirm this with the charity, and the business is then awarded Accreditation from MyRedEnvelope.

There are several ways that you can participate in MyRedEnvelope;

MEMBERS; Sign up and join our website, like us on Facebook, and most importantly, start using MyRedEnvelope whenever you can by preferring to use businesses who are members of MyRedEnvelope. Members can have a very influential role in how a business operates by letting those businesses know that they will prefer to support businesses that are socially responsible.

BUSINESS; Join MyRedEnvelope as a business and set up your FREE Listing in support of a charity. Businesses are a key part of MyRedEnvelope being a successful fundraising mechanism, and MyRedEnvelope is committed to becoming a valuable promotional platform for a business.

CHARITY; Join MyRedEnvelope as a charity. Charities are the reason we exist, and we are looking for great charities who are doing good work. Once your charity has three businesses who wish to support your charity you can become a Campaign. Charities who actively promote the Campaign to their own supporter base benefit the most.

We believe that Businesses benefit from being socially responsible. Many already contribute to the community in different ways, including donating to charity or to community organisations. This can range from the actions of billionaires such as Bill Gates, to a small l business donating paint to a local children’s theatre production. By doing this the community they exist in improves in many ways such as through enhanced social infrastructure, better education creates better standards of workers in the business, less crime, better health and well being, better environmental outcomes, all depending on what areas the Businesses choose to support. By behaving in a socially responsible manner, Businesses attract customers who have been touched by their good work.

The opposite of Businesses practicing social responsibility is Business behaving irresponsibly. Unfortunately, there are many Businesses who have historically stripped assets from communities and degraded the environment, and left little long-term benefit in return. MyRedEnvelope seeks to reverse this short-sighted profiteering and replace it with sustainable and community-minded business practices.

MyRedEnvelope is the brainchild of husband and wife, Grahame Gavin and Lou Westbury. With grateful thanks to the six businesses and six charities who were brave enough to be a part of the trial phase to test out the concept. The six businesses were Lacalaca Cantina Mexicana, Spa Bali on Drupadi, Red Carpet Champagne Bar, Saigon Street Restaurant, Republik 45 and ZiBiru Italiana Cucina. The six charities were Bali WISE, Kolewa Foundation, Bali Street Kids, Bali Mother & Baby House, Bali Children Foundation, and ROLE Foundation.

MyRedEnvelope is a legacy project and is fully funded by Lou and Grahame who are active in the accommodation business. All operational costs are covered by them, MyRedEnvelope's total expenses are not very high because our platform is online and is accessible from anywhere. The MyRedEnvelope-team consists of Lou and Grahame themselves, a manager who gets paid via the revenue of the accommodations, and interns who are unpaid.