Achievements from the First Trial Phase.


MyRedEnvelope has successfully completed its first trial phase with closing events at three out of the six campaigns that made up the first trial; we successfully promoted six Corporative Socially Responsible companies in Bali. The businesses on their part donated 10% of our members’ bill to the charity they chose to support. Because of the support from people who wanted to participate in MyRedEnvelope by going to these various businesses in Bali, the chosen charities were then able to invest the funds raised into making Bali a better place for the poor and underprivileged Balinese.

The goal of the first trial phase was to find out if the concept of MyRedEnvelope works: Guess what? It worked better than we’d ever expect! That is because of the social tourism in Bali, hard work, and of course because of you. We are still trying to work out some of the details to make it more practical, but the most beautiful thing that we have noticed is that we have rediscovered something amazing about every person in Bali. People in both their private and their business life are very social beings who are very willing to help others less fortunate than themselves. Here we want to acknowledge the wonderful achievements of just three of our Corporate Socially Responsible businesses and to give you an idea of what they are doing, and how they do good:

1. The restaurant ‘Lacalaca Cantina Mexicana’ had a goal of raising 5 Million Rupiah, to donate to Bali Children Foundation. An amazing well known charity that supports less fortunate children in Bali. By the end of their campaign they had surpassed their goal and raised a total of 15 Million Rupiah! The money that was donated to Bali Children Foundation went towards supporting children who were displaced from Mount Agung, to be able to go to school.

2. Vietnamese restaurant and bar ‘Saigon Street Bali’ is famous for it’s cocktail and Vietnamese cuisine. On the 20th of October we had the closing event there, and it was a lot of fun! There was a special offer for the night buying two for one cocktails. Also there were two representatives of the charity they were supporting which was the Bali Street Kids project. Saigon Streets’ target was also 5 Million Rupiah, however, they also went over their target and with their generous support raised 8 Million Rupiah in total!

3. Italian restaurant ‘ZiBiru Cucina Italiana’ has almost reached their target of 5 Million Rupiah, which they will donate to the ROLE foundation. This charity is working hard on programs that remove the rubbish and clean the Rivers, Oceans, Lakes, and Environment of Bali. This orientation makes them a much needed charity in Bali, because the beautiful beaches and nature parks will not be the same forever if they are not taken care of.

Now that our first trial phase is nearly fully completed and given that the results are very positive, MyRedEnvelope is about to enter the Second phase which will start when our very own website is launched onto the world wide web for everyone to see. Whether you live in Bali, or somewhere else in Indonesia, maybe Australia, or you travel all the way from America or Europe, we invite you to take a look at all the amazing places that will be featured on the website as they will all support socially responsible tourism and will give a percentage of your bill to charity every time!

The first trial phase was mostly focused on the food and beverage sector, but now we know that the idea works and people really seem to like it, the real work begins. Accommodation, safari tours, spas, fashion, art, you name it; we have found a way for everyone to do good by simply choosing where they shop! We Do Good, means that instead of a commission to us, the Corporate Socially Responsible business that is registered with MyRedEnvelope will donate a portion of your bill to their partner charity or to the charity of the month.

Do you want more information? Or do you want to be involved? Follow us on Facebook: @MyRedEnvelopeFoundation or Instagram: myredenvelope, or contact our corporate social responsibility manager via e-mail:


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