Getting Ready for Takeoff

MyRedEnvelope Website Getting Ready For Takeoff

Wait up; hold the phone, what is happening here? Are the rumors true? Is MyRedEnvelope finally going to launch their website? I can happily tell you that the answer to that question is YES! After months of intense work, MyRedEnvelope is thrilled to announce, that we are going to be releasing our website: towards the end of 2017. Get ready Bali, get ready people who want to do good, and get ready Corporate Socially Responsible companies, we are going to help you! We can all do good!

The website will provide our customers a complete overview of all our Accredited and Listed businesses that can be found in Bali. The website also features a map that will tell you exactly where our campaigns and charity events are in Bali. This will show you just how much good is happening in Bali, it will also give you the opportunity it have fun at the same time. The map will make it easier for our members to find the businesses which will donate to charity and the various charity events that take place on the island, and generally to find out where people are doing good! On our website you can find all the information you need about MyRedEnvelope, the charities that the businesses donate to and the businesses that put into action Corporate Social Responsibility as well as who have wonderful special offers for our members.

We are very excited, and you have all the reason to be so too! It will be even easier to find fun MyRedEnvelope-events, and to do good by giving back to the underprivileged communities or other good causes in Bali by simply choosing a MyRedEnvelope business. We’d love to hear your feedback as soon as the website is launched, because at MyRedEnvelope we value that every member has the best experience possible!

Thank you in advance from MyRedEnvelope.


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