How It Works

For Business


It is FREE for Socially Responsible businesses to Join. 


You choose the charity you want to support.


You donate to charity annually or via a percentage from purchases made by members of MyRedEnvelope. 

FREE Listing for Your Business

MyRedEnvelope is an alternative to many international booking websites that charge commissions to local businesses.

With MyRedEnvelope, the money not only stays in Indonesia, but goes to local charities that need our support.

MyRedEnvelope promotes and acknowledges socially responsible businesses.

  • Socially responsible businesses are given a FREE listing. 
  • The business has already donated to charity, or commits to donating a portion of the payment to charity. 
  • Businesses promote and sell their product to socially minded customers. 
  • Listings are ideal for a wide range of businesses including food & beverage, health & beauty, retail & fashion, tours &  activities and accommodation.

6 Reasons to join MyRedEnvelope

1. Make your business stand out

By joining, you will be entitled to use the distinctive MyRedEnvelope logo which you can proudly display as a socially responsible business.

2. FREE Promotion on Social Media

MyRedEnvelope is active on Social Media and shares the good news about the business that donate to charity.

3. Access to a Niche Market

MyRedEnvelope’s website, helps customers find socially responsible businesses. 

This will provide a targeted marketing opportunity for a business to inform new customers of their activities and products.

4. MyRedEnvelope Accreditation

Businesses that have donated Rp 5,000,000 or more, within a year, qualify for MyRedEnvelope Accreditation

5. Donate when you receive a Sale

Businesses are familiar with paying commissions. Instead, with MyRedEnvelope they donate to charity and support those in need.
Your donation compares favourable to commission based online travel agents and business listings.

6. Align your Business with your Preferred Charity

You get to choose who you support. 100% of your donation will go to your partner charity.

Socially Responsible Business Accreditation


Apply to

What is MyRedEnvelope Accreditation?

Businesses are awarded MyRedEnvelope Accreditation in recognition of their support of a charitable cause. 

Accreditation is for businesses to proudly display to share the story about the help they have give to their local charity. 

Accreditation will give the business online and social media exposure.  

Giving businesses recognition for their community support they give in a year.


  • The business has donated Rp 5,000,000 or more, or Rp 10,000,000 of in-kind support to charity in one year.  
  • Business campaign partners automatically qualify for Accreditation.
  • Any business can apply to receive MyRedEnvelope Accreditation


  • Use of the Accreditation logo for 12 months
  • Free Logo placement on MyRedEnvelope’s website for FREE.
  • FREE listing on MyRedEnvelope’s website in support of a charity.
  • Social media exposure.
  • Recognition for their current and ongoing community support.
  • Promotional opportunities for the donation to charity.
  • Participation in MyRedEnvelope will mark your business as different from others by being a responsible member of the community

Giving financial support to those in need and good for business.