MyRedEnvelope for Charity

How It Works

For Charity


It is FREE to Join and list your Charity. 

After you register, admin will review your listing and approve it.


 Invite new and old business partners to join in support of your charity. 

An unlimited number of businesses can join in support of each charity.


When 3 or more businesses join in support of your charity you will have an active campaign.


  • Raise awareness about your charity
  • Raise funds in an ongoing and sustainable way
  • Receive a donation when a member purchases an item from a business listed with MyRedEnvelope


  • Registered Charity / Yayasan in Indonesia
  • Open & Transparent Reporting

MyRedEnvelope's for Charity Member Programs


'Shelter' campaign by MyRedEnvelope with Project Karma

A charity can partner with a business or group of businesses who may be interested in making a long term and active campaign via MyRedEnvelope.

To form a campaign, the charity needs to have 3 or more businesses that have joined MyRedEnvelope in support of the charity.


Business can support the charity of their choice.
Business can support the charity of their choice.

A charity can encourage a business to list with MyRedEnvelope in support of their charity.

The business would then list their products and services on the website with a percentage of the purchase price to be donated to the charity.

Nominate a Business

2019 Accreditation Sticker
2019 Accreditation Sticker

A charity can nominate a business that has donated more than 5 million rupiah over the past 12 months.

This is a great way for a charity to give recognition for the valuable support that businesses give to their charity.