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Born out of the crisis of the Mt Agung eruptions that commenced in September 2017 which caused thousands of people to flee their homes and seek refuge in nearby Amed and surrounding areas. As the crisis continued, a band of local Balinese and Expats formed Team Action for Amed to provide much needed assistance to the evacuees. As time has progressed, we have continued to raise money and donations of food, clothing, bedding, toiletries, health care , cleaning and many other items needed to make the evacuees as comfortable as possible in temporary shelters. We have raised money to renovate and build shelters, provided water tanks to store water for every day use as well as clean drinking water, purchase Nazava water filters to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by plastic bottles, provided transport and medical aid to those in need. We have alliances with other charities such as Solemen Indonesia and Project Karma to assist with the health and safety of all. In process of registration of our charity, we will provide assistance not just now, but well into the future in the Greater Amed area. A member of My Red Envelope, an initiative that allows businesses in Bali to give back to the charity of their choosing. We are all for one, and one for all with all team members meeting and agreeing on all projects that we undertake. Thank you for your continued support! Komang Bajing, Dongek Made, Made Waktu, Pak Mangku, Heike , Mike , Michele, Roser, Moya, Valentina and Cindy.

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