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Team Action Amed Helping Evacuees

Team Action Amed is a new charity and the latest to join MyRedEnvelope. It was set up in September 2017 at the start of the Mt Agung volcano eruptions. As thousands of people were evacuated from their homes, a group of local Balinese and expats came together to provide help to the local communities. The charity has continued to raise money and collect donations of food, clothing, bedding, toiletries, health care and cleaning products needed for the evacuees living in temporary shelters.
Donations of mattresses, water filters and clothes being delivered to an evacuee camp
The money that Team Action Amed has raised has bought fresh food for the evacuees and has been used to renovate and build shelters. They have provided water tanks to store water for everyday use, as well as water filters in partnership with Social Impakt to provide clean drinking water while reducing the amount of waste generated by plastic bottles. The charity has also provided transport and medical aid to those in need. Team Action Amed works together with other charities such as Solemen Indonesia and Project Karma to assist with the health and safety of the evacuees. The work that Team Action Amed carries out isn’t just limited to the current crisis. As Mt Agung calms down, which it will hopefully keep doing for a long time, the charity will continue to provide assistance within the greater Amed area.
Mount Agung smoking in the background


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