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Apr 14
Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Businesses that have given to charity are eligible for MyRedEnvelope Accreditation.

Feb 12
MyRedEnvelope’s First Year

One year ago, MyRedEnvelope held its first campaign launch. January 2017 saw Lacalaca…

Feb 08
Win Using MyRedEnvelope!

Why does MyRedEnvelope work? MyRedEnvelope works because everybody wins. We have…

Feb 01
Join Now to WIN

What if you could drink cocktails for charity? Get a massage for charity? And the best…

Jan 15
Join Our Table at Ji, Canggu

To celebrate the launch of our new website, MyRedEnvelope invites you to Join Our…

Nov 01
Volcano Campaign Strategy

With Mount Agung threatening to erupt MyRedEnvelope has decided to fast track its…

Oct 25
First Trial Phase

Achievements from the First Trial Phase. MyRedEnvelope has successfully completed its…

May 11
Where did the idea come from?

What is MyRedEnvelope and where did the idea come from? MyRedEnvelope began as the…