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May 19
Watching Over Bali’s Poorest Communities

I’m an Angel (IAA) is a non profit organisation dedicated towards empowering rural communities in Bali, improving their standard of living amidst resource scarcity and socio-economic challenges. IAA started from the determination of a few individuals and has evolved into a project that relies on many. In 2003, Mike Mohan, Danielle Van Poppel and Yawahar […]

Feb 08
Win Using MyRedEnvelope!

Why does MyRedEnvelope work? MyRedEnvelope works because everybody wins. We have created a framework in which we have a win-win-win-win situation. See how it works here! Win for our Members Our members now have a safe, transparent and honest system to activate donations to a charity, while having fun in Bali and without paying anything more […]