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On a Roll with ROLE Foundation

Visit to ROLE Foundation

In October, we sent our intern Kristina to visit the ROLE Foundation in Nusa Dua.


Founded in 2007, ROLE (Rivers, Ocean, Land and Environment) aims to stop land-based waste from leaking into oceans, as well as creating sustainable jobs to protect the livelihoods of coastal communities.


The Foundation runs several programmes in the local communities. The Bali WISE programme educates women. They provide three month programmes to train and prepare women in different areas including hotel, spa and sales. Some women choose to take up a university degree and some enter the world of work. After the programme, the Foundation stays in contact with the women to provide assistance with any job hunting help they need.

Saving the environment and cleaning up the rubbish

As part of the programme, some women have joined the Bukit Women Weaver campaign, producing their own clothes to sell. The aim is to promote and preserve Bali’s natural heritage through the revival of traditional natural dye and weaving techniques. Other women are running a soap recycling campaign. Thousands of bars of semi-used soap is thrown away from hotels each month. A large percentage of this waste ends up in the ocean, polluting the sea life. The women at Bali WISE take used bars of soap from hotels and recycle them, producing new bars which can then be resold.


The ladies soap recyling project

Another programme at ROLE is the Zero Waste to Oceans. Rubbish is collected from restaurants, hotels and homes as well as rivers and oceans. It is then separated into categories like glass, metal and plastic, with plastic being sent to Jakarta. Organic waste is used as compost for plants. The Foundation also has a seedling hut, with various species ready to be planted.


Zibiru Restaurant is partnered with the ROLE Foundation and held an wine-tasting event on 06 October 2017. The event raised Rp 3,748,585 towards the ROLE Foundation.


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