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SHELTER for Lombok

As the wet season approaches in Lombok and Sulawesi, communities already devastated by earthquakes now face an urgent need for shelter. You can help them. MyRedEnvelope Foundation has partnered with Project Karma, who have created shelters that will last a family several years for a cost of only 5 Juta, and are doing a major media push with Australian media to promote the shelters and our partners.

Support as a Business

Businesses have an opportunity to play a direct and critical role. is designed to benefit charities as well as the businesses who support them, with businesses pledging to donate 10% of any sales made via and to our members. With SHELTER we are asking businesses to commit up front. That is, donate 5 juta (approximately AUD$500) to SHELTER now, and you can;

  • List your products for free on our website
  • Immediately receive MyRedEnvelope Accreditation as a business who actively supports charity.
  • Receive additional promotions for your business via MyRedEnvelope. We are about to begin actively promoting SHELTER in the Australian media, encouraging Australians to support the emergency relief efforts by coming to Bali and preferring listed businesses, and specifically those businesses joining as part of the SHELTER initiative.

What happens to your donation?

100% of your donation goes towards the project. AUD$500 will directly  pay for the construction of a SHELTER for a small family. You will receive a certificate from Project Karma which identifies the family who will be receiving the SHELTER you are providing, and you will be able to track it’s construction. You can even come and bang some nails in if you really want to get involved.

What is the SHELTER like?

It is not intended to be permanent housing, however these SHELTERs are strong enough to last for several years and are earthquake resistant. They include a water catchment facility and will be able to house up to 6 people; a small family.

How important is this project?

Lombok and Suluwesi have been devastated in the past few months and their are many people traumatised and homeless. With the wet season about to hit that region of Indonesia in the near future, getting people inside some kind of SHELTER is critical. Your support will save lives. It is that important.

Both MyRedEnvelope Foundation (Yayasan Amplop Merah Saya in Indonesian) and Project Karma are registered not for profit charities in Indonesia. Project Karma also has Australian registration as a charity, which means donations made within Australia are tax deductible.

Our target is to donate 20 SHELTERs before the end of 2018. However hundreds of SHELTERs are required.


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