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SPiCE's Background


In March 2019, MyRedEnvelope ran the Inspiring Indonesian Women program seeking nominations from women about the women who inspired them.

We partnered with Bali WISE in presenting Empowering Women’s month, culminating in their fundraiser ‘Hats Off to Inspiring Women Who Make a Difference.’


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Charity Event

Local charities are invited to include their event or activity within the SPiCE of Life program.

The intention is to provide Yayasans the opportunity to network and profile the work that they do, and their recent achievements.

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As a Venue

SPiCE Events will be venue based and we are seeking proposals from a variety of Bali’s most interesting venues to create events as part of the SPiCE Events Program.

Register your interest to hold a SHE Event at your venue;

SHE Event

Exhibit women in the visual arts, videography, fashion, design, online and real world.

Music which features women’s voices. Not just the vocals, but words, ideas and the wishes, lies and dreams of everyday life.

Taste food and drinks featuring women chefs. Bring in a celebrity mixologist, run workshops, explode your menu with flavour.

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