Volcano Campaign Strategy

With Mount Agung threatening to erupt MyRedEnvelope has decided to fast track its development with the aim of creating a platform for Members and Businesses to support people in need from the impacted regions of Bali close to the mountain.
An original concept, MyRedEnvelope has recently completed a 6 month trial phase, working with Business in the Seminyak area. The program partnered 6 Businesses with 6 Charities, and while the primary aim of the concept is to raise money for Charity, it is also important to MyRedEnvelope that Businesses who actively support Charity are recognized for this work and are actively supported by the community. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an Indonesian Government philosophy which encourages all business to have a positive impact on the communities in which they work. The MyRedEnvelope program is a platform that any business can utilize to do this, large or small.
Our website has been in development for several months and is being rushed to completion in a slightly simplified form. This platform will enable Members to find Businesses who are actively donating to Yayasans (Charities). When our Members use their services, the Businesses pledge to donate a percentage of the transaction to the Yayasan.
What We Need;

  1. Businesses; who want to donate to Charity via the www.MyRedEnvelope.com program. This is completely free, and 100% of the Business donation goes to Charity.
  2. Members; Register on our www.MyRedEnvelope.com website and wherever possible use us to book services such as accommodation, food and beverage, health and beauty, tours etc. This is also free, and you will be paying no more than you normally would.
  3. Share; the very best way for us to be effective is to have as many Businesses and Members as possible using this platform. Not only does it raise funds for those in need, but it is free and effective. And remember, it also supports those Businesses who actively give back to Bali.


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