Where did the idea come from?

What is MyRedEnvelope and where did the idea come from?

MyRedEnvelope began as the Corporate Social Responsibility Project founded by Grahame Gavin and Lou Westbury. Over the years Grahame and Lou have been involved in fundraising for many projects and charities, however, they found that fundraising in Bali was not always easy or transparent. This made them decide to start their own Corporate Social Responsibility Project that raises money for social projects and charities. Ultimately resulting in a better community to live, work and do business in.

When you own accommodation in Bali you will not be surprised if you are approached by a local business asking you to send customers to them in return for a commission, usually 10% of their guests bill. This is how the idea started, as businesses came to their holiday accommodation at Bali Akasa Villa and Bali Ginger Suites & Villa, offering them a commission of 10%, Grahame and Lou got thinking. They were very thankful for their small family business and wanted to find a way to give back to Bali, so instead of taking the commission they came up with giving 10% to a charity. The seeds for MyRedEnvelope were planted here, and now a beautiful tree is starting to grow.

The concept of MyRedEnvelope ties several things together: being a member of MyRedEnvelope, being a Corporate Socially Responsible business in Bali actively supporting a charity, and giving recognition to charities that are transparent, organized and effectively support the poor and underprivileged people or care for the environment. With Indonesia’s economy advancing and growing faster than ever, it is right now that we should act to break the cycle of poverty and give everyone a chance to be having fundamental human needs.

This all sounds very beautiful but the question is what you can do to help? Charities will always need help, they depend on it, and without funds they cannot do the good work that they do. Luckily the structure of MyRedEnvelope makes it very easy for you to help:

1. Join MyRedEnvelope as a member via the website https://myredenvelope.com

2. Bring your friends and have a fun night at a MyRedEnvelope business.

3. Pay your bill and a portion will go as a donation to a charity.

Through MyRedEnvelope we can do good for charities, and do good for businesses. And all that anyone needs to do to help out, is to choose a business who is part of the program. It doesn’t cost any extra. You don’t have to donate, make jam or sell a raffle ticket. Instead do what you were going to do anyhow, go out for dinner. Drink a cocktail. Get a massage. Enjoy your next birthday at a MyRedEnvelope restaurant. It really is as easy as that.
Bali Ginger Suites & Villa and Bali Akasa Villa have always worked towards being socially responsible and have active programs that benefit the environment and our staff. They also want to benefit the local community through MyRedEnvelope. What began as a promotional idea from local restaurants, has now grown into a new concept and way to be a socially responsible business, and our guests love it as well. Now other businesses are joiningMyRedEnvelope and together we can put corporate social responsibility into practice benefitting the community where we live and work.



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